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July 11, 2014


NAM reported today that its commercial division has experienced a 91% increase in cases administrated for mediation and arbitration in the first 6 months of this year as compared to the comparable period in the prior year. This year to year growth continues a 5 year trend of hyper-growth in this department. NAM’s commercial division is administrating cases throughout the United States and attributes much of the increase to higher market share, as well as rapid expansion in the global acceptance of ADR, particularly in business and employment matters.

Roy Israel, President and CEO of NAM stated: “I am so very pleased with the continued growth of NAM’s commercial department. Of particular note is NAM’s effective efforts in recruiting exceptional and talented panel members throughout the United States with experience and knowledge of the issues involved in complex matters. In addition, NAM’s General Counsel, Jacqueline Silvey, Esq., a former commercial litigator, oversees the division and panel recruitment, and can assist with the issues and inquiries that arise in the day to day administration of these type of cases. We have seen a significant increase in NAM being selected as the ADR provider in commercial contracts throughout the United States, as well an increase in the use of ADR programs by employers to address disputes in the workplace. The parties involved in the disputes vary greatly from Manufacturers to Cruise Lines to National Retailers and Financial Organizations, just to name a few. NAM’s experienced personnel provide superior administration and have a deep understanding of the issues involved in these type of cases and the nuances involved in administrating unique ADR programs.”

NAM’s commercial division administrates cases where parties have voluntarily agreed to mediate or arbitrate, as well as in situations where NAM has been designated as the ADR provider by contract, where arbitration or mediation has been designated in a pre-dispute ADR provision or as part of a dispute resolution program. NAM has specific rules and procedures to govern these types of cases, all of which are available on NAM’s website at For additional information about NAM’s commercial division, please contact Jacqueline Silvey, Esq. at or at 1-800-358-2550 ext 128.


Founded in 1992, NAM (National Arbitration and Mediation) has been recognized for its superb customer service and exceptional panel of arbitrators and mediators. In 2014, NAM was named Best ADR firm in the U.S. by the National Law Journal’s Annual Reader Rankings Survey. Consistent with being the nation's premier ADR provider, the New York Law Journal Rankings Survey also selected NAM as the #1 ADR Provider for the past three consecutive years.

NAM offers litigants a nationwide panel of nearly 2,500 top-tier former judges and practicing specialists uniquely qualified to facilitate the resolution of disputes in a private forum. The company maintains rosters in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and in major cities around the world, with specific expertise in the areas of Complex Commercial, Construction, Employment, Entertainment, Financial Services, International, Insurance, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury (including 3rd party and 1st party actions), Professional Liability and Real Estate dispute resolution.

NAM actively works with more than 8,000 commercial entities, including more than 50% of the Fortune 100 companies. NAM is often an indispensable resource for parties seeking cost-effective alternatives to expensive and often time-consuming litigation

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