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March 20, 2017


Hon. Larry S. Schachner NAM is pleased to announce the addition of Honorable Larry S. Schachner to its New York Metro roster of neutrals.

Judge Schachner has spent nearly 20 years as a judge in the various New York courts. In 2014, he was elected to the New York State Supreme Court, Bronx County at which time he was assigned to the Special Trial Part and regularly engaged in settlement negotiations regarding all pending, trial ready tort cases and commercial matters. Prior to his election to the Supreme Court, he was appointed Acting Justice of the Supreme Court in the City Part, Bronx County, where he managed an inventory of over 5,000 cases and heard numerous pre-trial conferences to resolve issues and settle litigations as well as ready cases for trial assignment.

Justice Schachner's reputation is that of being well-versed in the law and having a broad knowledge of a wide variety of case types including labor law, medical malpractice, municipal liability, negligence, premises liability, real estate, tort and product liability and personal injury matters. He is known for his superior settlement skills and his patient, fair and unbiased manner makes him a highly effective neutral in resolving the most complex matters.

According to the New York Judge Reviews, attorneys who have appeared before him have said he is "one of the smartest judges in the Bronx and in New York City"; "very proactive about pushing for settlements in cases"; "extremely intelligent, he knows the law, top shelf"; "you can go up and down the Bronx Bar and I would be shocked if anybody gave a less than stellar report, and that goes for both sides."

Roy Israel, President and CEO of NAM, stated: "Judge Schachner's reputation precedes him. He possesses the skill sets necessary to transition to private ADR and is well-respected by both sides of the bar. He will no doubt serve NAM's clients well."

Justice Schachner will continue his duties on the bench until his retirement on May 30, 2017 after which he will be available to arbitrate and mediate cases throughout the NY Metro area.

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