NAM (National Arbitration and Mediation) offers specialized dispute resolution services for complex cases relating to Life, Health and Disability claims and sales practice disputes. The company offers the services of well known, respected and highly qualified Neutrals with extensive industry expertise. The members of the panel are uniquely qualified to assist in the resolution of a wide range of technical, legal and financial disputes, including matters related to ERISA and Non-ERISA claim and plan administration, contestability issues, underwriting and re-insurance, non-compete and disparagement disputes, coverage, agency/broker claims, claims management practices and service agreements, large deductible programs, alternative risk funding mechanisms, and more.

An exceptional national panel.

NAM can provide a highly qualified panel of Neutrals within 50 miles of any location in the United States.

NAM Neutrals are practicing specialists with a strong belief in the effectiveness and efficiency of the arbitration and mediation process. For the most part, they only hear Life, Health and/or Disability claims. As such, each case is taken very seriously and the NAM Arbitrators and Mediators are very aware of the intricacies and deadlines associated with these types of cases.

All NAM Neutrals are independent contractors and not officers, employees or owners of NAM. We believe this approach provides the most pristine forum by eliminating any issues relating to how a decision will affect future case referrals from a client that has the potential to refer more cases to the arbitration company. By design, we avoid this potential conflict of interest.

With respect to case administration, we provide the highest level of service as Case Managers are assigned to each case. These individuals have significant experience in administrating cases of this nature and they are available to all parties...from the initial case intake to the conclusion of each matter, thereby ensuring that all proceedings run smoothly. In fact, NAM clients who have previously worked with other ADR providers have been very vocal about how well we are able to ensure that all deadlines are met in resolving their matters.

Simple, low-cost fee structure.

The NAM fee structure is simple and direct. We do not have "nuisance" charges that, in the aggregate, can be substantial. In other words, there are no hidden costs.

Unlike other arbitration institutions, NAM does not require a significant upfront retainer to commence a dispute resolution proceeding. Additionally, our fees are much more affordable as well.

Rules, Forms and Fees

For cases referred to NAM as a result of an existing contractual provision indicating that the parties have agreed to use mediation or arbitration as the dispute resolution forum.

Provided below are the following links:

NAM's Comprehensive Rules and Procedures Download PDF
NAM's Comprehensive Fees and Costs Download PDF
NAM's Demand for Mediation or Arbitration Forms
      Demand for Arbitration Download PDF
      Request for Mediation Download PDF

For the cases in which there is no existing pre-dispute contractual arbitration provision, but the parties have mutually agreed to use mediation or arbitration as a fair and cost-effective forum to resolve their dispute.

Provided below are the following links:

NAM's Standard Rules and Procedures Download PDF
Standard Fees and Costs Download PDF
Standard Fees and Costs for Special Services Download PDF

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