Virtual ADR Testimonials

“I recently participated in two arbitrations before Judge Elizabeth Bonina. It was my first virtual arbitration and it most certainly will not be my last. It was everything that I was promised it would be. Using the link provided by NAM, I joined the meeting within seconds. The audio and video quality was superb. Judge Bonina was well trained in the technology and had perfect command throughout the meeting. Both arbitrations were flawless. I highly recommend using this option during these difficult times and beyond.”

Dominic DiPrisco, Esq.

Partner, Decolator, Cohen & DiPrisco

“Like many of my colleagues, I was skeptical about virtually mediating cases, as I feel an important component of mediation involves in-person interaction with the mediator, opposing attorney and adjuster.

After using the Zoom application through NAM to successfully mediate a few of my cases, I can say that I was pleasantly surprised by the experience. Other than not being physically present within the NAM offices, everything else felt the same. Our mediator had us all in one “room” to discuss the case, then broke us out into separate “rooms” where we were able to speak confidentially with the mediator and our client. It was a very seamless process that led to favorable outcomes.

I would highly recommend virtual mediations to anyone who has any doubts about the experience.”

Alex Bouganim, Esq.

Managing Attorney, Cellino & Barnes, P.C.

“I thought that the video mediation was a HUGE SUCCESS. It was flawless, effective and made a lot of sense. Granted, we had a great mediator (Bob Adams) and a very cooperative defense attorney, but it was really an excellent (and safe) innovation.”

William H. Cooper, Esq.

Marvin A. Cooper, P.C.

“I had my reservations about the video mediation – especially with 11 participants – but I was very impressed with the way it was conducted and the ease with which we moved around in the virtual break out rooms and in private discussions with the mediator. I am now a believer and a fan.”

Michael J. Pearsall, Esq.

Senior Trial Attorney, Kowalski & Devito

"Just wanted to provide you with little feedback on my experience today with Virtual ADR at NAM. It was flawless. I must admit, I had trepidations about proceeding with a virtual arbitration because I thought the lack of personal contact would result in a loss of effectiveness, but I was wrong.

I will not hesitate to use it again."

Michael Arce’

The Arce Law Office, PLLC.

“In the midst of uncertain times and court closures, NAM has kept our industry working and resolving cases through virtual ADR. Their level of service remains unparalleled! I recently participated in a virtual mediation and I have to say the process was efficient and effortless. My neutral was able to control all parties as they would in-person. Breakout rooms ensured privacy of all communications with my neutral. What’s more, the video conference session was remarkably easy to join. You just need a computer with a camera, an iPad or cell phone, sign in with a private meeting code and the neutral takes over from there. I would strongly recommend scheduling virtual hearings with NAM.”

Howard A. Raphaelson, Esq.

Partner, Raphaelson and Levine Law Firm P.C.

“NAM has always been an excellent provider of ADR in the legal community. Hon. Peter B. Skelos (Ret.) is both an impartial and exceptional mediator, relating to all parties and fostering meaningful discussion and resolution. Recently, in light of the unprecedented times we find ourselves in, our firm has had the opportunity to be a part of several mediations conducted remotely by NAM with Judge Skelos. The technology has been efficient and the format well suited to successful negotiation. Many thanks to the entire team at NAM!”

Kara M. Rosen, Esq.

Edelman, Krasin & Jay, PLLC

“As an attorney who has used NAM for over 20 years, I have always been impressed with the quality of their mediators. NAM makes it cost efficient to resolve cases. With their use of a seamless ZOOM technology, mediating a case remotely with NAM could not be easier.”

Michael S. Feldman, Esq.

Partner, Jacoby & Meyers, LLP

“I find the video conferencing process to be a seamless transition from in-person mediations. As an attorney who uses the mediation forum hundreds of times a year, I couldn’t be happier with the process and the services provided by NAM.”

Charles J. Hurowitz, Esq.

Managing Member, Subin Associates, LLP

“I have been using NAM for close to twenty years and have been with them from their small beginnings in Long Island to their current position as one of the most successful ADR companies in the United States.

As they grew in size I expected there would be a decline in the level of service. However, the service was exceptional from the start and it has continuously improved. NAM services its clients with personal care in a way that cannot be explained. Every case, client, attorney and insurance carrier gets the attention they deserve. The roster of neutrals is continuously growing and the neutrals that are added are professional, personal and overwhelmingly accommodating.

Even in this current pandemic, NAM has adapted through the use of virtual mediations. Initially, I was skeptical about a mediation that was not “in person.” However, I attended my first virtual mediation today and I am no longer skeptical. Attorneys, clients and professionals can be assured that the mediation process works exceptionally well in the virtual process.

There is a main meeting room and breakout rooms to ensure the privacy of the communications with the mediator. After having gone through the process I would strongly recommend it and I will be scheduling additional mediations.”

Robert Mazzuchin, Esq.

Partner, Brand Glick Brand

“I just completed my first virtual mediation with Mr. Richard Byrne and just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the whole experience. NAM did an excellent job of providing detailed and simple instructions on how to connect to the virtual mediation.

The mediation began promptly and while there were many parties involved in my mediation, the whole process was seamless. Richard Byrne created multiple private breakout rooms that really made this process feel like we were in the NAM offices. I found the virtual mediation process to be a really efficient and effective alternative during this uncertain time.

Thank you for making this a painless experience for somebody not so technologically advanced!”

Maria Zouros, Esq.

Gallo Vitucci Klar, LLP

“Pena and Kahn has had five mediations via video conferencing with NAM and every one of them settled. It was an amazing experience, just like being in NAM’s conference rooms. The IT staff was super friendly and patient while helping me navigate the Zoom platform. I am now a pro and can’t believe it took a pandemic to discover the future. Life as we know it has shifted. VirtualNAM!”

William Ritterbusch, Esq.

Pena and Kahn

“The use of Zoom technology at NAM was seamless. During a very difficult time, my firm was able to resolve a multi-plaintiff and multi-defendant case in an efficient way. Mediator, Richard Byrne, had great understanding of the technology and it allowed all parties to feel comfortable and negotiate as though we were live and in- person. Kudos to NAM for being on top of technology at this time."

Edward A. Steinberg, Esq.

Leav & Steinberg, LLP

“I have taken part in three video conference mediations with multiple mediators with NAM. The process has been seamless and we were able to resolve all three of these cases. Instead of being in different physical rooms, you’re placed into a separate virtual room where there is complete privacy. I highly recommend this process as it has now been tested for multiple weeks with much success.”

David A. Roche

Zurich American Insurance Company