NAM Chosen as the #1 ADR Provider for the Fifth Year in a Row



New York (September 16, 2015) – For the fifth consecutive year, NAM has been ranked as the #1 ADR provider in New York State by the New York Law Journal Reader Rankings survey*.

Additionally, NAM neutrals comprise 8 of the top 10 Mediators and 7 of the top 10 Arbitrators in the rankings. The NAM Mediators and Arbitrators selected represent the very best practicing ADR specialists in New York State.

In the “Best Individual Mediator” category, which has been part of the survey for the past 6 years, the following NAM mediators were selected: Robert Adams, Esq. (fifth year in a row), Hon. Elizabeth Bonina (all years), Richard P. Byrne, Esq. (two years in a row), Hon. John P. DiBlasi (all years), Joseph L. Ehrlich, Esq. (fifth year in a row), Kenneth Grundstein, Esq. (all years), Susan Hernandez, Esq., and Peter J. Merani, Esq. (fifth year).

In the “Best Individual Arbitrator” category, which has been part of the survey for the past 3 years, the following NAM arbitrators were chosen: Hon. Elizabeth Bonina (#1 Arbitrator in New York State, all years), Hon. Robert W. Doyle (two years in a row), Lawrence S. Farbman, Esq. (two years in a row), Hon. Jerome C. Gorski (two years in a row), Howard J. Kaplan, Esq., Hon. E. Michael Kavanagh (all years) and Hon. Ira. B. Warshawsky (second year).

Earlier this year, NAM Mediators were also ranked #1 and #3 in the United States, as voted by the National Law Journal Rankings Survey.

Roy Israel, President and CEO of NAM, stated: “NAM has never been better! I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome of the survey as it further fortifies NAM's dedication to providing the best quality ADR services to the legal community of New York State. The number of repeat winners is unprecedented and this confirms NAM's continued commitment to offer the absolute best ADR neutrals on its panels. We take pride in providing our clients with exceptional choices in the selection of mediators and arbitrators. I am so very grateful to the voters and to our clients who place their trust and confidence in NAM.”