Hon. Barbara Odwak, Master Arbitrator and Hearing Officer, NAM (National Arbitration and Mediation)

Hon. Barbara Odwak Master Arbitrator

Hon. Barbara Odwak has been working in the field of ADR since the mid-1980’s and has mediated and arbitrated thousands of cases in the areas of personal injury, labor law, product liability, real estate and commercial matters. Many of these cases have been complex matters, mostly personal injury, with many related to labor law or products liability. She is often selected as a mediator or arbitrator for difficult matters involving injuries of a serious and highly personal nature requiring the utmost sensitivity and understanding.

Prior to joining NAM, she was a Master Arbitrator for the New York State Insurance Department handling no-fault appeals, and an arbitrator in Civil Court. Judge Odwak has extensive ADR training and experience, and has obtained her Certificate of Conflict and Dispute Resolution from New York University in 2003. She currently serves as an arbitrator/mediator for the District Court, Eastern District of New York.

In addition to working with NAM, Judge Odwak is a court-appointed evaluator, receiver, referee, trustee, guardian, attorney for the alleged incompetent and Guardian Ad Litem for a variety of matters. She is engaged in private practice and handles a wide variety of case types including Insurance Law, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Wills & Estates Law, Commercial and Elder Law. Judge Odwak is well-versed in the law and her ability to approach matters fairly and in an unbiased manner, combined with her training as a mediator and arbitrator, make her extremely well suited to the role of Master Arbitrator with NAM.