Hon. Luis A. Gonzalez, Hearing Officer for NAM (National Arbitration and Mediation)

Hon. Luis A. Gonzalez (Ret.) Presiding Justice, Appellate Division, 1st Dept.

Hon. Luis A. Gonzalez has an impeccable reputation for his broad range of knowledge in different areas of the law and his superior settlement skills. He joins NAM after serving for six years as the Presiding Justice of the Appellate Division, First Department. Judge Gonzalez is known for his openness and willingness to listen to arguments, his even-handed manner, and his exemplary commitment to justice.

Hon. Gonzalez was appointed Presiding Justice of the Supreme Court in 2009 by Governor David A. Paterson, making him the first Hispanic to have been appointed to that position in the history of New York State. As the Presiding Justice, he supervised 19 other judges and heard civil and criminal appeals from New York City’s trial courts concerning cases involving complex commercial litigation, construction, employment disputes, insurance and reinsurance, medical malpractice, personal injury, premises liability, real estate, and torts and product liability.

Prior to his service as Presiding Justice, Hon. Gonzalez was appointed Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Appellate Division, First Department by Governor George E. Pataki. From 1992 through 2002, Judge Gonzalez was appointed Acting Justice of the New York Supreme Court, 12th Judicial District, and, shortly thereafter, was elected New York Supreme Court Justice and then Administrative Judge for the 12th Judicial District where he presided over the Individual Assignment and Special Trial Parts and supervised the civil and criminal branches of the Supreme Court. In 1998, he sat as Justice for the Appellate Term, First Department where he presided over the Civil and Criminal Court of Appeals. He was elected Judge for the Civil Court of the City of New York where he served with distinction for five years (1987 – 1992). His judicial career began in 1985 when he was appointed Housing Court Judge in New York City Civil Court.

Judge Gonzalez has handled many high profile matters such as the civil complaints filed against Bernard Madoff and the ability of law enforcement to obtain personal information from Facebook user accounts.

Hon. Gonzalez was named a National Law Journal 2017 Alternative Dispute Resolution Champion, as part of a select group of only 37 nationwide. Well regarded by practicing attorneys who appeared before him, Hon. Gonzalez has been described as “a person of the highest personal and professional integrity,” “calm and even tempered,” “treats attorneys respectfully and fairly,” “street smart and has a good legal acumen,” “good judge instincts – he does the right thing at a gut level.”

Hon. Luis Gonzalez is known for his patient, fair and unbiased manner when assisting parties with the settlement of their cases. These qualities make him extremely well suited to his role in private Alternative Dispute Resolution. He has the natural settlement skills and extensive legal experience required to assist parties in reaching resolutions in mediations and to render prompt and well-reasoned decisions.