Lawrence S. Farbman, Esq. Former Principal Law Clerk to Hon. Lally, Hon. Levitt, Hon. Widlitz, Supreme Court, Nassau County

Mr. Farbman has spent the majority of his legal career working in the court system and directly with attorneys to settle and resolve cases, discovery disputes, and issues relating to motion practice. He is the former Principal Law Clerk to Hon. Ute Wolff Lally, Hon. Howard E. Levitt, Hon. Paul J. Widlitz, and Hon. Steven B. Derounian, and has also served as a Court Attorney/ Referee for the Differentiated Case Management Pilot Program and as an Official Referee. Mr. Farbman success has been recognized by the legal community being voted the #3 Arbitrator in New York State by the 2015 New York Law Journal Reader Rankings Survey, and in the past was named as one of the Top Ten Mediators in the State.

Having worked in the court system for so many years, he has broad experience handling a wide variety of cases. He has handled all types of tort law, including personal injury and property damage, as well as intentional torts. Additionally, he has resolved every type of personal injury claim involving auto, premises, slip and fall, construction, labor law, and medical malpractice. He has also handled a significant number of commercial cases arising out of contractual relationships and real property disputes.

In addition to the time he has spent working in the court system, he has also worked in private practice handling personal injury lawsuits and civil matters from inception through trial.

Mr. Farbman is an avid supporter of alternative dispute resolution. He is able to use his vast experience and knowledge of the law to be an effective neutral. He is considered an exceptional negotiator who is highly respected by both the plaintiff and defense bars.