Robert I. Cantor, Esq. Commercial Specialist

With a career as a commercial litigator spanning over 25 years, Robert Cantor, Esq. brings his knowledge and experience to the ADR arena as a mediator and arbitrator for NAM’s commercial matters. Robert Cantor began his career as a commercial litigator specializing in the representation of real estate developers and shopping center owners. Thereafter, Robert was the head of the litigation department of a New York City law firm that was recognized for their representation of real estate entities, cooperatives, condominiums and banking institutions.

As the founding partner of Cantor, Epstein & Mazzola, LLP, he grew the firm into a successful commercial litigation practice, and is considered one of the leading and most respected lawyers in the field. Robert has litigated in many areas of the commercial arena including: employment, discrimination, business, real estate, banking, construction, contracts, legal and ethical responsibilities of corporate board members, director and officer liability, errors and omissions, breach of fiduciary duty, housing discrimination, compliance with Administrative and Regulatory codes and procedures, leasing, easements, defamation and slander and environmental claims.

He is a skilled litigator at both the trial and appellate levels, and also has wide experience in many other forums including the New York State Division of Human Rights, The New York City Commission on Human Rights, the EEOC, arbitrations and mediations. The nature of his practice has allowed him to develop working relationships with corporate board members and management, insurance carrier representatives, corporate and personal counsel and members of the bar and judiciary. He has acquired the skills necessary to be an effective mediator/arbitrator as a result of years of practice in negotiating settlements, addressing the interests and positions of all sides involved, and litigating claims and appeals through the court system and other administrative bodies.