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Join our panel

NAM prides itself on our award-winning roster featuring an unparalleled panel of neutrals with a broad array of subject-matter experience, including prior service on the state and federal court benches and as legal practitioners. To eliminate any possibility of business conflicts – thus affording parties the most pristine forum available –  all NAM Hearing Officers are independent contractors, not employees of NAM.

To qualify, neutral candidates must have at least 15 years of legal experience prior to joining our panel.  Candidates must meet all necessary qualifications to provide arbitrations, mediations and other neutral services within their state or local jurisdiction, if applicable.

Join NAM's distinguished roster of arbitrators and mediators

If you are interested in joining NAM’s distinguished panel of neutrals, please click the button below, fill out our Hearing Officer Questionnaire and submit your completed form to


Contact our Panel Coordinator at (800) 358-2550 ext.128 or email us at