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Robert Adams, Esq.

Former Sr. Vice President Risk Management, Tishman Construction Corp.

Prior to becoming a full-time mediator and arbitrator with NAM, Roberts Adams, Esq. was a well-known and highly respected Senior Vice President of Risk Management with Tishman Construction Corporation...

Kenneth J. Balkan, Esq.

Commercial Law Specialist

As a neutral and legal practitioner, Kenneth J. Balkan, Esq. has handled a wide variety of matters including insurance coverage and disputes, complex business and partnership disputes, multi-party tort litigation, legal fee disputes and professional liability lawsuits...

Hon. Harold B. Beeler (Ret.)

Justice of the Supreme Court

A former New York Supreme Court Justice, Hon. Harold B. Beeler is a hard-working and detail-oriented jurist whose even-handed demeanor makes him highly-effective in facilitating the resolution of complex matters...

Hon. Elizabeth Bonina (Ret.)

Justice of the Supreme Court

As a former Justice of the Supreme Court, Kings County, the Honorable Elizabeth Bonina facilitates the settlement of cases involving a range of areas of practice including personal injury, premises liability, labor law, sports and recreation, and employment law cases...

James W. Borkowski, Esq.

Hearing Officer

James W. Borkowski’s distinguished career spans more than 30 years with a practice focused primarily on litigation at the trial and appellate levels in both the state and federal court systems...

Richard P. Byrne, Esq.

Commercial Law Specialist

A strong proponent of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and a Certified Mediator with the United States District Court, Richard P. Byrne, Esq. became a mediator in the formative days of ADR and has honed and broadened his mediation skills since then...

Robert I. Cantor, Esq.

Commercial Law Specialist

With a career as a commercial litigator spanning over 25 years, Robert Cantor, Esq. brings his knowledge and experience to the ADR arena as a mediator and arbitrator for NAM’s commercial matters...

Michael L. Chartan, Esq.

Construction Law Specialist

Michael L. Chartan, Esq. has been engaged in the practice of law for more than thirty-five years. A seasoned litigator, he has focused his legal practice primarily on construction law and real estate law matters...

Hon. Melanie L. Cyganowski (Ret.)

United States Bankruptcy Chief Judge, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District of New York

The Honorable Melanie L. Cyganowski’s career includes a 14-year term as a Bankruptcy Judge for the Eastern District of New York where she served with distinction until her retirement in 2007. Upon leaving the bench, Judge Cyganowski re-entered the private sector as a partner for one of the nation’s premiere insolvency firms, specializing in the representation of stakeholders in connection with insolvency disputes...

Michael P. Daumen, Esq.

Former Principal Law Clerk to the Hon. Frank A. Sedita, Jr., Supreme Court, Erie County

Michael Daumen’s distinguished career includes over 40 years of legal experience as a practicing attorney and then as a judicial law clerk in the 8th Judicial District...

Hon. John P. DiBlasi (Ret.)

Justice of the Supreme Court

The Honorable John P. DiBlasi’s illustrious career includes 10 years spent as Justice of the Supreme Court, Commercial Division where he resolved hundreds of matters. Judge DiBlasi’s ADR practice encompasses a wide and varied range of cases, inclusive of commercial, class actions...

Joseph L. Ehrlich, Esq.

Hearing Officer

A full-time neutral with NAM, Joseph L. Ehrlich, Esq.’s long and distinguished career includes practicing law for more than 30 years. His integrity and legal acumen have earned him the respect and confidence of both the plaintiff and defense bars...

Michael W. Emerson, Esq.

Former General Counsel, Signature Bank, HSBC, N.A., Credit Suisse

Michael W. Emerson, Esq. is a financial services industry veteran who has practiced law for more than thirty-five years. He has served as a U.S. General Counsel and a Deputy General Counsel at several of the world’s largest financial institutions. Mr. Emerson has extensive legal and compliance financial services experience...

Rhonda L. Epstein, Esq.

Employment Law / Co-op and Condo Law Specialist

Rhonda L. Epstein, Esq. is a seasoned litigator with more than 35 years of wide-ranging experience in civil litigation. She concentrates her legal practice primarily in the areas of employment law and housing discrimination...

Lawrence S. Farbman, Esq.

Former Principal Law Clerk to Hon. Lally, Hon. Levitt, Hon. Widlitz, Supreme Court, Nassau

Mr. Farbman has spent the majority of his legal career working in the court system and directly with attorneys to settle and resolve cases, discovery disputes, and issues relating to motion practice...

Florence M. Fass, Esq.

Matrimonial Law Specialist

The distinguished legal career of Florence M. Fass includes her exclusive practice of matrimonial and family law as a seasoned litigator, mediator and collaborative law practitioner for nearly 40 years. She is uniquely familiar with the complex financial aspects of the New York State equitable distribution law, while continuing to maintain an awareness and appreciation of the enormous stress which the divorce process places on the parties involved...

David S. Feather, Esq.

Employment Law Specialist

David S. Feather, Esq. has been engaged in the practice of law for nearly 25 years and is a seasoned litigator who has focused his legal practice on labor and employment law matters...

Richard J. Fodera, Esq.

Hearing Officer

Richard J. Fodera is a seasoned litigator with more than 30 years of experience in civil litigation. His distinguished career includes the handling of hundreds of complex high exposure cases from inception through verdict or settlement including those related to negligence, personal injury, premises liability, labor law, auto and product liability. He has successfully represented a wide range of clients from major corporations to smaller business entities to individuals.

George Freitag, Esq.

Hearing Officer

For the third year in a row, George Freitag was voted a Top Ten Arbitrator in the 2019 New York Law Journal Best Of Survey. He has been practicing law for over 20 years and is a seasoned litigator who has regularly appeared in the courtrooms of all five boroughs of New York City...

Hon. Luis A. Gonzalez (Ret.)

Presiding Justice, Appellate Division, 1st Dept., New York

Hon. Luis A. Gonzalez has an impeccable reputation for his broad range of knowledge in different areas of the law and his superior settlement skills...

Hon. Jerome C. Gorski (Ret.)

Associate Justice, Appellate Division, 4th Department, New York

Hon. Jerome C. Gorski has had a long and distinguished legal career. He joins NAM after having served as a Justice in the Appellate Division of the State of New York, Fourth Department...

Elena L. Greenberg, Esq.

Matrimonial Law Specialist

With more than 35 years of experience practicing matrimonial law, Elena L. Greenberg, Esq. is a highly regarded litigator and mediator. She is respected for her abilities to navigate and resolve matrimonial matters and understands the sensitive nature and sometimes heart wrenching and overwhelming issues that accompany divorce proceedings...

Kenneth Grundstein, Esq.

Former NYC Chief Settlement Negotiator, New York

Kenneth Grundstein has been committed to the practice of law for more than 30 years. His expertise in complex negotiation coupled with his ability to digest some of the most challenging case law and issues has proven to be effective in almost any jurisdiction...

Susan Hernandez, Esq.

Former Chief of Staff to Presiding Justice, Appellate Division, 1st. Dept., Mediation Coordinator, Bronx, New York

Susan Hernandez, Esq. is a strong proponent of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). She brings her experience as the former Mediation Coordinator in the Supreme Court, Bronx County, to NAM’s New York Metro panel of neutrals. In 2020, she was voted a Top Three Mediator and Top Three Arbitrator in the New York Law Journal Best Of Survey, ranked a Top Three Mediator in the state in 2019 and was voted the #1 Mediator in New York State in the 2017 and 2018 surveys...

Jennifer Herscovici, Esq.

Hearing Officer

A former Senior Counsel, Negotiator for the New York City Law Department’s Tort Division, Jennifer Herscovici, Esq. has settled thousands of cases in actions involving claims of various types of negligence, labor law, defamation and civil rights violations...

Hon. John G. Ingram (Ret.)

Justice of the Supreme Court, Kings, Maritime Law Specialist

The Honorable John G. Ingram’s has had a long and remarkable legal career, both as a judge and a litigator practicing admiralty law. As one of the nation's foremost authorities in maritime law, Judge Ingram has successfully litigated hundreds of cases representing container ship companies, cruise ship owners, terminal operators, passenger and harbor workers, seafarers, docking pilots, a major towing company and the Port of Albany. Additionally, he represented a foreign government in cargo cases. As a Commissioner of Pilots, Judge Ingram oversaw and conducted investigations concerning pilots involved in marine casualties.

Howard J. Kaplan, Esq.

Hearing Officer

Howard J. Kaplan, Esq. brings a unique perspective to the ADR arena having had the benefit of working in both a corporate and legal role for a major insurance company. He has garnered a reputation among his peers for his fair valuation of claims and in depth knowledge...

Hon. E. Michael Kavanagh (Ret.)

Associate Justice, Appellate Division, 1st and 3rd Departments, New York

After an illustrious legal career in public service as an Associate Justice of the Appellate Division and the Supreme Court, District Attorney and Prosecutor, Justice Kavanagh is applying his vast experience and knowledge to alternative dispute resolution...

Denis F. Kelly

Vice Chairman, Scura Partners LLC / Former Head of Mergers and Acquisitions, Prudential Securities

Highly regarded throughout the corporate finance communities, Denis F. Kelly brings 35 years of leadership and experience in investment banking and negotiating both public and private transactions, documents, and disputes...

Hon. Jeffrey Lebowitz (Ret.)

Justice of the Supreme Court, Queens

Justice Jeffrey D. Lebowitz has spent most of his legal career as a member of the judiciary. With over 21 years on the bench, he has served as a Judge in several different courts throughout the City and State of New York...

Hon. Bernard J. Malone, Jr.

Associate Justice, Appellate Division, 1st and 3rd Depts., New York

Judge Bernard J. Malone, Jr. served from 2005-2012 on the Appellate Division, First and Third Departments, deciding appeals involving a wide variety of complex subject matters...

Peter J. Mastaglio Esq.

Commercial Law Specialist

Peter J. Mastaglio, Esq. has been a strong proponent of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and is recognized as an experienced, knowledgeable attorney and a fair and thorough legal practitioner. With substantial experience handling commercial matters, as a mediator and as a litigator, he has successfully represented clients in a diverse range of matters that include employment, discrimination, real property taxation, eminent domain, zoning and land use, general contract and corporate law...

Hon. Edward W. McCarty III (Ret.)

Judge of the Surrogate’s Court, Nassau County, New York

Honorable Edward W. McCarty III has an impeccable reputation for integrity, knowledge of the law and superior settlement skills. His distinguished judicial career spans 30 years and includes sitting on the benches of the District, Supreme and Surrogate Courts in Nassau County...

Hon. Thomas E. Mercure (Ret.)

Associate Justice, Appellate Division, 3rd Dept., Albany

Hon. Thomas E. Mercure served on the bench for 33 years and has the distinction of being the longest serving appellate court justice in the 118-year history of the 3rd Department. He has broad judicial and appellate experience in a wide variety of complex subject matters. Judge Mercure’s years of serving as a
jurist and settling cases makes him well-suited to be a fair and impartial arbitrator and mediator for NAM...

Robert Harlan Moses, Esq.

Matrimonial Law Specialist

Robert Harlan Moses has been practicing law since 1989 and is recognized as one of the top matrimonial attorneys in New York. He has been engaged almost exclusively in the practice of matrimonial law since the inception of his legal career. Mr. Moses has successfully handled hundreds of divorce/equitable distribution cases, trials, and numerous family law-related hearings that include divorce, child custody, spousal and child support, pre- and post-nuptial, divorce agreements, paternity and domestic violence matters...

Hon. Karla Moskowitz (Ret.)

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Appellate Division, First Department, New York

Honorable Karla Moskowitz’s remarkable and accomplished judicial career most recently includes 10 years spent as an Associate Justice of the New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Division, 1st Department...

Hal Neier, Esq.

Commercial Law Specialist

Hal Neier is a longtime advocate of Alternative Dispute Resolution and has extensive experience handling complex commercial matters in both mediations and arbitrations...

Hon. Barbara Odwak

Master Arbitrator

Hon. Barbara Odwak has been working in the field of ADR since the mid-1980’s and has mediated and arbitrated thousands of cases in the areas of personal injury, labor law, product liability, real estate and commercial matters...

Hon. Daniel Palmieri (Ret.)

Justice of the Supreme Court, Tenth Judicial District, Nassau

Honorable Daniel Palmieri’s distinguished judicial career includes seven years spent as Justice of the Supreme Court, Tenth Judicial District, Nassau County where he served until his retirement in 2017...

Hon. Andrew J. Peck (Ret.)

United States Magistrate Judge, Southern District of New York, Special Discovery Master

The Honorable Andrew J. Peck served with distinction for 23 years as a United States Magistrate Judge for the Southern District of New York, including a term as Chief Magistrate Judge from 2004 to 2005. During his tenure as a Magistrate Judge, he issued more than 1,500 published opinions and settled hundreds of cases...

Luke M. Pittoni, Esq.

Medical Malpractice Law Specialist

Well known and respected throughout the legal community by both plaintiff and defense attorneys alike, Luke M. Pittoni, Esq. has developed a positive working relationship with both sides of the bar as well as members of the medical profession and insurance carriers...

Michael R. Rossi, Esq.

Hearing Officer

Michael R. Rossi, Esq. has handled thousands of matters, and has tried and litigated a diverse caseload involving areas of construction, premises liability, labor law, auto, product liability and medical malpractice from inception through trial...

Glenn Sabele, Esq.

Hearing Officer

Following a successful career as a seasoned litigator, Glenn Sabele, Esq. joins NAM (National Arbitration and Mediation) as a full-time arbitrator and mediator. Having been engaged in the practice of law for more than 30 years, Mr. Sabele is highly regarded for his ability to resolve cases concerning personal injury and civil litigation disputes.

Alan R. Sacks, Esq.

Maritime Law Specialist

Alan R. Sacks, Esq. is a seasoned litigator, arbitrator and mediator in both state and federal causes. He has focused his legal practice primarily on commercial/maritime litigation matters which include marine and insurance liability...

William M. Savino Esq.

Partner, Rivkin Radler, LLP

Highly regarded throughout the legal and business communities, William M. Savino, Esq. has extensive experience in complex commercial and insurance coverage litigation having spent his legal career litigating in both trial and appellate courts throughout the United States...

Hon. David B. Saxe (Ret.)

Associate Justice, Appellate Division, 1st Department, New York

The Honorable David B. Saxe served as an Associate Justice, New York State Appellate Division, First Department for almost 20 years and is one of the most honored and respected members of New York’s legal community. After his many years on the bench, Justice Saxe brings unparalleled judicial insight, wisdom and experience on a variety of matters...

Larry S. Schachner (Ret.)

Justice of the Supreme Court, Bronx, New York

Having served on the bench for nearly 20 years, Honorable Larry S. Schachner has developed an impeccable reputation for his demeanor, integrity and superior settlement skills. His experience on the bench has given him a broad range of knowledge in numerous areas of the law related to...

Hon. Shira A. Scheindlin (Ret.)

United States District Court Judge, Southern District of New York, Court Appointed Special Master, New York

The Honorable Shira A. Scheindlin was appointed by President Bill Clinton as a Federal Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York and served with distinction for 22 years. She presided over settlements, motions, discovery and trials – both civil and criminal. She also sat by designation on the Second and Ninth Circuit Courts of Appeals during her time as a jurist...

Jeffrey A. Schwab Esq.

Intellectual Property Specialist

Jeffrey A. Schwab, Esq. is a leading United States registered patent attorney specializing in all aspects of intellectual property, licensing and advertising law.

Hon. Melvin L. Schweitzer (Ret.)

Acting Justice, New York State Supreme Court, First Judicial Department, Commercial Division, New York

The Honorable Melvin L. Schweitzer’s remarkable and distinguished legal career includes a decade of service on the New York State bench, six of those years as Acting New York State Supreme Court Justice, First Judicial Department, Commercial Division.

Hon. Peter B. Skelos (Ret.)

Associate Justice, Appellate Division, 2nd Department, Nassau

Honorable Peter B. Skelos’ experience on the bench, combined with the time spent in private practice, has given him a broad range of knowledge in numerous areas of the law including construction litigation, professional liability and insurance coverage disputes...

Teresa M. Spina, Esq.

Hearing Officer

Teresa M. Spina has over 30 years of litigation experience and over 15 years in law office management. As the former attorney of record of the largest in house No-Fault office in the country.

Jacqueline B. Stein, Esq.

Medical Malpractice Law Specialist

Jacqueline B. Stein, Esq. has been engaged in the practice of law for more than 30 years, with a focus on medical malpractice litigation, hospital claims management and judicial mediation...

Hon. Patrick A. Sweeney (Ret.)

Acting Justice of the Supreme Court, Suffolk County, NY

Hon. Patrick Sweeney joined NAM after serving as an Acting Justice of the Supreme Court, Suffolk County, where he presided over jury trials and settlement conferences in a variety of case types including personal injury, medical malpractice, dental malpractice, legal malpractice...

Gary H. Tabat, Esq.

Matrimonial Law Specialist

Gary H. Tabat’s remarkable career as one of the leading matrimonial and family law attorneys in the New York Metro area, spans more than four decades. Having successfully handled hundreds of significant, complex equitable distribution cases, he is acutely aware of, and sensitive to, the emotional factors that often impair a party from making decisions that are legally and financially in their best interests, which enables him to referee even the most tumultuous relationships...

Steven B. Tannenbaum, Esq.

Hearing Officer

Steven Tannenbaum has been practicing law for over thirty-five years and has had a distinguished legal career in New York City and Long Island. As an arbitrator and mediator for NAM, he has successfully settled dozens of personal injury cases.

Hon. Ira B. Warshawsky (Ret.)

Justice of the Supreme Court, Nassau, New York

Hon. Ira B. Warshawsky was a New York Supreme Court Justice in Nassau County’s Commercial Division from 2002 until his retirement in 2011. Known and respected for his legal acumen and ability to resolve conflict, Judge Warshawsky was voted one of the Top 10 Arbitrators in New York State...

Hon. Jeremy S. Weinstein (Ret.)

Administrative Judge, Civil Matters, 11th Judicial District, Queens, New York

After an illustrious legal career in public life as a New York State Senator, a Supreme Court Justice, and as an Administrative Judge for Queens County, the Honorable Jeremy S. Weinstein is applying his vast wealth of knowledge and experience as a mediator...

Bob Worden, Esq.

Hearing Officer

With over 35 years of experience in litigating in the New York Metro area, Bob Worden, Esq. is best known for handling high-exposure and catastrophic personal injury cases, with complex medical issues, as well as handling high-exposure property damage claims...

James J. Wrynn, Esq.

Former Superintendent, New York State Insurance Department, New York

James J. Wrynn, Esq. brings more than 35 years of professional experience as an attorney, regulator, executive and strategic advisor in the domestic and global insurance and regulatory sectors...

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