Help America Vote Act (“HAVA”), NYS Board of Elections

NAM (National Arbitration and Mediation) has been  awarded a contract to serve as the administrator for the resolution of complaints regarding  violations of Title III of The Help America Vote Act  (“HAVA”) for the New York State Board of Elections (“NYSBOE”).             

A violation of Title III of HAVA includes claims involving:   

  • Voting System Standards      
  • Provisional Voting   
  • Voter Information Requirements
  • Statewide Voter Registration Database and 
  • Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities. 

Complaints are to be heard/determined by the commissioners and/or designated staff of the NYSBOE.  In the event that the NYSBOE fails to issue a final determination of a formal HAVA complaint within ninety days, or any other longer agreed-upon time period, the NYSBOE shall refer the matter to NAM for arbitration.  

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Need assistance? Please contact NAM at 516-794-8950 or by email at | Att: HAVA Arbitration Administrator.

Help America Vote Act ("HAVA") - NYS Board of Elections