NAM provides arbitration and mediation services for matrimonial disputes, including those relating to pre and post-divorce issues, as well as issues that are to be resolved via a collaborative law agreement between the parties, as an option to lengthy and expensive litigation.

To properly address the unique and sensitive nature of each case, NAM’s panel of neutrals includes esteemed former judges and highly qualified practicing attorneys who have practiced in the family law field and are well-versed in areas such as:

  • Equitable distribution
  • Custody
  • Support
  • Visitation

Alternative dispute resolution is an efficient and effective forum to resolve a broad range of matrimonial issues, from general disagreements that can be settled via effective mediation, to issues that arise post-judgment of divorce (particularly for matters related to economic disputes), providing confidentiality in a private setting.

NAM’s Matrimonial Panel is comprised of the following distinguished neutrals: