In an effort to provide parties with an option to lengthy and expensive litigation, NAM (National Arbitration and Mediation) is now providing arbitration and mediation services for disputes in the domestic relations area for matters relating to pre and post divorce issues, as well as issues that are to be resolved via a collaborative law agreement between the parties.

To properly address the unique and sensitive nature of each case, NAM has designated a select panel of Hearing Officers that includes a former family law Justice of the Supreme Court and well-respected highly-qualified practicing attorneys who have practiced exclusively in the field and are well versed in areas such as equitable distribution, custody, support, and visitation.

NAM views this as an efficient and effective forum to resolve a broad range of issues, from general disagreements that can be settled via effective mediation, to issues that arise post-judgment of divorce… particularly for matters related to economic disputes. Indeed, many practitioners may find it effective to provide for the arbitration of issues that arise post-judgment of divorce by identifying NAM as their alternative dispute resolution provider. NAM can administer binding arbitration services, rendered by highly-qualified and respected expert practitioners, with streamlined procedures that will affect a quick and efficient resolution of the dispute.

For collaborative law practitioners, NAM can offer the ability to help the parties/counsel move past an impasse so that cases can continue to move forward.