NAM’s No-Fault Automobile Arbitration Program Overview

NAM’s No-Fault Automobile Arbitration Program in New York is a better and faster alternative to resolve disputed medical claims between medical providers, claimants and auto insurance carriers. By keeping these cases out of court, NAM is helping to reduce legal and administrative expenses for insurance companies while providing an expeditious claim resolution process for the applicants.

The following is designed to assist the public, insurance companies, medical professionals and the legal community in understanding how a No-Fault Automobile claim is handled under the NAM program.

Advantages of the NAM Program

  • Lower program fees
  • Streamlined administrative timeframes: The timeframes relating to administrative steps have been structured to allow for a more expeditious process. From case filing to receipt of the award, the time frame approximates less than two months (assuming the Respondent responds on a timely basis). Specifically, once we have obtained mutual agreement from the parties, we can immediately schedule a hearing date and time. Hearings are scheduled a minimum of thirty (30) days out in order that the parties have sufficient notice so that they can ensure their availability. Awards will be rendered within a reasonable time of the closing of the record.
  • No mandatory conciliation or pre-hearing calls
  • Continue to utilize binding Arbitration as a definitive resolution for No-Fault Automobile claims
  • Awards will conform to the NYS Insurance Laws and Regulations (that is, interest will be awarded if applicable)
  • State-of-the-Art technology using the NAM patented myADR online system for dispute resolution case management

NAM is the “gold-standard” dispute resolution provider within New York State and was the original architect for the third-party ADR programs utilized throughout the State by both defendants and plaintiff firms.

With respect to case administration, excluding employees recently hired, more than 50% of NAM’s staff has been employed with the company for more than 10 years. NAM’s Case Managers have significant experience in administering arbitration initiatives and are invaluable to this program as they ensure that all procedures run smoothly.


In 1973, the State of New York enacted the Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Reparation Insurance Act (also known as the New York No-Fault Law) requiring that parties with Personal Injury Protection (PIP) disputes be afforded the opportunity to utilize binding Arbitration rather than having to go to court. However, as of the current time, many parties involved in these disputes continue to file their claims in civil courts and are waiting several years for their cases to be resolved. Additionally, another available arbitration program is viewed by many as expensive, with the cost of the arbitration often times exceeding the recovery sought. Under the NAM program, the parties have the opportunity to resolve their claims earlier, faster and more efficiently.


NAM’s Panel of Arbitrators

NAM Arbitrators are dispute resolution professionals. To qualify, a panel member must either be an attorney licensed to practice in the State of New York with at least 8 years experience with personal injury matters or a former judge with similar expertise.