Personal Injury

Whether your practice or company oversees a high-volume of cases or you have one very special case which requires specific attention, NAM (National Arbitration and Mediation) has the capability to administrate your ADR proceeding(s) with highly qualified Arbitrator(s) or Mediator(s) in a professional and efficient manner. NAM's staff of experienced case administrators, many of whom have experience as insurance adjusters, attorneys and paralegals share a common goal; to quickly and efficiently bring disputants together, gain the mutual agreement of the parties to participate in an ADR proceeding, facilitate the negotiation of case parameters (if applicable) and the mutual selection of a Hearing Officer and works with all parties to ensure a convenient date, time and location of the hearing or conference. In addition, all participants in an ADR proceeding sign the same set of Rules and Procedures prior to scheduling each matter thereby establishing pre-determined guidelines that ensure an equitable process

Using NAM’s services ensures the integrity of the ADR process.

  • We require our panel members to disclose conditions which may pose a conflict of interest.
  • We regularly conduct internal audits of Hearing Officer decisions in an aggregated format to detect trends that may indicate a plaintiff or defendant bias of some nature.
  • We provide a complete set of Rules which have been time tested, eliminating the need for parties to draft their own.
  • We have a team of professionals with specialized training in administration of ADR proceedings which effectively saves countless hours of administrative work typically required by the parties.

Why Both Sides Choose NAM:

NAM receives thousands of case submissions each year, sourced equally from plaintiff and defendant law firms and institutions. As an established major neutral in the market, NAM actively works with more than 3,300 commercial clients. Over the course of any twelve-month period, NAM’s clientele is so diverse, that no client represents more than 2% of NAM’s revenues. As such, parties can rely on the fairness and integrity of a NAM-administered initiative. Also, NAM is well known for its superb customer service and for delivering exceptional results. In fact, more that 80% of NAM administered mediations result in the settlement of all outstanding issues. Perhaps the best indication of client satisfaction with NAM’s service is that over any five-year period, NAM retains ongoing ADR programs with more than 93% of its clientele.

When is a personal injury matter ready for ADR?

  • Early in the life of a case (the bulk of litigation costs escalate the longer a file remains open).
  • Prior to engaging in time consuming and costly discovery.
  • Meaningful negotiations have ceased.
  • Enough information is available to fully evaluate the claim.
  • The cost of litigation could exceed the value of the claim.
  • When your adversary is difficult or unresponsive.

Additional considerations:

  • NAM has an extensive and highly qualified panel in every major city in the United States.
  • NAM can deliver a consistent high level of service, regardless of geographic location, as all case administration is coordinated from a central hub location.
  • NAM offers a favorable fee structure for high volume national ADR initiatives. NAM is an approved ADR provider with most carriers, thereby enabling plaintiff firms a company that can secure participation in an ADR proceeding with almost any insurance company in the nation.
  • NAM facilitates the process of exchanging medicals, obtaining approvals and finding mutually agreeable Hearing Officers.