Neutral Evaluation Services

(Mock trials/mediations/arbitrations, Special Master, etc.)

Neutral Evaluation Services

When preparing for significant dispute resolution events such as mediation, arbitration or litigation, parties and their respective counsel will inevitably face a complex web of questions as they engage in the critical task of formulating and continuously enhancing their case-specific strategy. How strong is our position? Should we consider settlement or move forward with a trial or arbitration? Is x or y a stronger argument? How is a judge or arbitrator likely to rule on a specific motion? Answering these questions can have a material impact on the ultimate outcome of your case.

Evaluation Services Offered by NAM Neutrals Include:

  • Mock trials (bench and jury)
  • Mock arbitrations
  • Mock mediations
  • Special Master to oversee and/or rule on specific aspects of a matter
  • Discovery referees
  • Expert witnesses in connection with specific procedural or substantive legal issues
  • Appellate proceedings

“Mock trials are a great opportunity to get an objective opinion of the case and what one can do to enhance it and eliminate potential risks.”

Hon. Alan D. Scheinkman, Presiding Justice, Supreme Court of the State of New York, Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department (Ret.)

NAM's Renowned Neutrals

NAM’s hearing officer panel consists of a distinguished group of retired judges (both trial court and appellate) and practicing and former practicing attorneys with extensive experience litigating a wide array of disputes in a variety of courts and jurisdictions on both the trial and appellate levels. NAM neutrals draw upon firsthand experience with court practices and the application of caselaw, rules and procedures, including applicable standards of review. Our retired judges have read thousands of briefs, heard thousands of oral arguments and written thousands of opinions. Our attorney neutrals have successfully argued thousands of cases (including on appeal) and bring a wealth of specific practice area expertise.

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