Jennifer Herscovici, Esq. Hearing Officer for NAM (National Arbitration and Mediation)

Jennifer Herscovici, Esq. Hearing Officer

A former Senior Counsel, Negotiator for the New York City Law Department’s Tort Division, Jennifer Herscovici, Esq. has settled thousands of cases in actions involving claims of various types of negligence, labor law, defamation and civil rights violations. As a neutral for NAM, she draws from her significant experience handling complex negotiations and is recognized by her peers as an authority in negotiation and settlement.

Prior to her role as Senior Counsel, Negotiator, Ms. Herscovici spent seven years serving as Assistant Borough Chief, where she supervised all aspects of pre-trial municipal tort litigation and negotiated pre-note cases referred for settlement, and post-note cases awaiting trial. She has assessed liability and damages in cases involving high exposure matters, and complex liability issues presented for settlement. In addition, she was responsible for reviewing and editing dispositive motions, ensuring that the correct legal arguments were made and presented in an organized fashion. In 2001, she served as Trial Counsel for the Tort Division for seven years, representing the City of New York in actions involving municipal tort claims. Her trial practice resulted in extensive experience directing and cross-examining doctors and experts of numerous specialties and taking to verdict high exposure cases involving serious injuries, such as traumatic brain injury and paralysis.

Throughout her many years of experience negotiating cases and settling disputes in the New York City court system, Ms. Herscovici has gained a reputation for her extensive knowledge in numerous areas of the law including negligence, premises liability, tort and product liability and personal injury. Her ability to evaluate cases, astutely assess the issues at hand, and effectively guide parties and counsel to fair resolutions, has earned her the respect and confidence of both sides of the bar. An avid supporter of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Ms. Herscovici draws upon her deep experience in negotiation and conflict resolution as a full-time neutral for NAM.

Ms. Herscovici is a committed advocate for women’s rights, diversity and inclusion. As the Women’s Committee Chair for the New York City Law Department, she led numerous initiatives, including programs related to raising awareness of equality among attorneys, financial planning seminars, as well as workshops focused on professional development and career advancement for women in law.

Ms. Herscovici is available to arbitrate and mediate cases throughout the New York Metro area.

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