NAM's Employment Rules, Procedures and Related Documents

NAM’s Employment Rules and Procedures that detail each step of the arbitration and mediation process have been specifically designed to fairly and efficiently resolve Employment disputes. Of paramount importance is that our procedures ensure the integrity and neutrality of the dispute resolution forum to all litigants.

These Rules are to be used when employment-related dispute resolution provisions/programs have been established whereby both the Employers and the Employees have agreed to utilize Arbitration and/or Mediation to resolve employment-related disputes (as more fully described in Rule No. 2 below). When such a provision/program exists, there may be instances in which the Rules and Procedures of the provision/program as written and as agreed upon by the Employer and the Employees differ from some of the Rules and Procedures as contained therein. In these instances, NAM’s Rules and Procedures contained herein may be modified to conform to that of the program as established and mutually agreed upon by the Employer and the Employees. Such modifications would be subject to NAM’s review and acceptance.

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Please note that NAM recommends that any company that is initiating an Employment ADR Program make available to employees a document that explains the arbitration/mediation program and provides an explanation of the frequently asked questions that might be asked. NAM can offer suggestions relating to the areas that are typically addressed in such a document.